Our Story

From its inception, Living Water Ministry Network (LWMN) has aimed to help at-risk young men to find housing and support as they transitioned back into society. Our founders tried hard to provide this support and especially to make it Christian support.  Support that showed the love and grace of Christ was our real desire.  Freely we had received; freely we gave.  The need was great since many of these men find it extremely difficult to find a job, a place to live, and a community of people who care. The residents of LWMN find a home where they are accepted, loved, and are treated as family.

As men parole out of prison, they leave with only the clothes on their backs.  Many have no identification, money for food or housing, or family support.  Without help, encouragement, and support, they often end up right back where they left.  God has uniquely positioned LVMN to intervene, to reach out a loving, supporting hand, and to prevent this.

Living Water Ministry Network continues to work hard to change lives and give men the opportunity to succeed by providing acceptance, forgiveness, encouragement, housing, food, clothing, help with job placement, and a family of other believers who care about their success.  We care because ultimately we know our heavenly Father cares.