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Why Care

The impact Living Water Ministry Network (LWMN) has on families of those incarcerated is beyond words.  How would you feel if your son, your brother, your father was suddenly swept away by the police for a felony conviction and several months later is sentenced to prison for 10 – 20 years?  Would you disown that person?  Would you forgive, or say you could never forgive?  Would you write and support your loved one or would you have nothing to do with them?

When he gets out of prison many years later, some of you will have died, some will be very distant, some will want to trust but have a “wait and see” attitude, and some will want healing and restoration.  Very few men paroling from prison have a place to live.  They parole with no money and a small duffle bag of belongings.  What would Jesus do?  Jesus would show love for “the least of these.”  LWMN shows the love of Jesus Christ.

The impact of LWMN is a benefit for the taxpayers.  Currently, the State of Michigan reports the cost of $38,000 to house one inmate for a year.  The cost to house one man at LWMN for a year is $6,000.  This is a savings of $32,000 per man for the state’s taxpayers (for the fiscal year 2014-2015, July 1 – June 30, according to Marginal Cost of Corrections:  Michigan’s Experience by John Maxwell, Fiscal Analyst, August 2015).  Think of that impact on family, the community, and for the taxpayer!  Inside the walls, individual lives are at stake–there is a financial cost but more importantly a spiritual cost.  Life outside the walls can bring hopelessness and despair without support.


God transforms men’s lives through LWMN.  Residents learn to heal from brokenness through reconciliation and restoration with Jesus Christ.  Fellow believers support this ministry through prayer, tangible donations, and financial contributions.  The shared love of Christ is shown through mentors, volunteers, church attendance, and Bible studies.

A new resident arrives with only the clothes on his back, no money, and a small duffle bag.  LWMN welcomes him with unconditional love. Other residents relate immediately and provide hope because they were in the same position a few weeks or months earlier.  Partnering agencies assist with writing resumes and filling out job applications for felon-friendly employers.  When income is received, a resident learns to write a budget to cover all expenses, including a donation to LWMN.  By paying it forward, the next resident can come to a furnished ministry home with all utilities paid.


Why Now?

God calls us to cheerfully give according to our means, to be a blessing to those who are in need, and to receive blessings as His kingdom grows. Now is the time to make a difference.


Sources of Financial Support