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Home Application

Living Water Ministry Network is looking for men who are relocating to the Grand Rapids area. We welcome applications from those who desire to live in obedience to the Word of God and to demonstrate this desire through participation in regular Bible studies and Christian worship while incarcerated. Ministry Home residents stay approximately 6 – 18 months or determined by individual circumstances.

Application Process:

Once an application is received:

  • An acknowledgment letter will be sent.
  • The applicant needs to notify LWMN of a definite parole hearing date. The application will then be reviewed by the Application Committee.
    • If the application is accepted, the applicant will be sent an acceptance letter and a copy of the Home Policy.
    • The Home Policy encourages healthy living habits, responsibilities and relationships in the home. This policy must be agreed upon and signed prior to residency.
    • A letter will be written to the Parole Board on the parolee’s behalf.
    • If the application is declined, a letter will be sent.
  • The applicant must notify LWMN the outcome of the hearing and the definite release date.
The application form can be downloaded here.