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Living Water Ministry Network (LWMN) is a redemptive ministry focused on supporting men paroling from prison so that they can flourish in society and become a contributing positive force for good.

The need is great since many of these men leave prison unprepared for life on the outside. Some of them only have the clothes on their backs, and many have no identification, money, food, housing, work, or family support. Sadly, without help, they often end up right back in prison.

LWMN addresses all these needs above and more. We provide a family-like environment for them to live where they are accepted and find community. We also surround our men with strong believers for mentoring and coaching and other practical forms of support, such as finding work so that they can become self-sustaining. In a nutshell, once a man becomes a part of LWMN, he joins a family of Christ followers who care about him, and work with him towards his success.  And we care, because we know our heavenly Father cares, and that He is the redemptive God of second chances!