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Newsletter, March 2020

Living Water Ministry Network is excited to announce that its Christ centered approach to ministry will now be extended to a greater number of returning citizens. We pray that the Lord will use us to reach those who are weary… Read More »Newsletter, March 2020

Newsletter, January 2020

Paul wrote the church at Colossae saying that it was God’s will to make known a mystery to them.  This mystery was kept secret until this time and has a rich meaning for all of us. Jan Newsletter  

Newsletter, September 2019

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MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR In 1990, Carl Gunn, the founder of Living Water Ministry Network (LWMN), authored a “Home Run Club” Bible study curriculum.  He joined a group of men who went into Muskegon Correctional Facility weekly discipling inmates… Read More »Newsletter, September 2019

Newsletter, July 2019

MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR The Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, has been a Federal holiday in the United States since 1941. From 1776 to present day, July 4 has been celebrated as the birth of American… Read More »Newsletter, July 2019

May / June 2019

As Father’s Day approaches, let us consider what it means to be a dad. According to Joe McGee Ministries, fatherhood includes being involved, behaving responsibly, being emotionally engaged, physically available, providing financial support, and having influence in child raising decisions.… Read More »May / June 2019

March / April 2019

How are you sacrificially living for Jesus Christ? What are some “acceptable” things that you could do, but you refrain from doing, because it does not show Christ? Jesus died for us and cleansed us from our sins. He rose… Read More »March / April 2019